Does Wearing a Mask Really Help? What are the Risks & Rewards?

I think the important thing to remember is that there has been a marketing push to imply that wearing a mask can actually help and the preponderance of scientific data not only shows that to be highly questionable but also indicates we take on and pass along many more RISKS by wearing masks. It is completely impossible to wear them in a healthy and hygienic way as they are not designed for use by the regular public.

If you check the CDC guidelines and flyers for “safe” mask wearing you’ll notice that you won’t see a soul around maintaining that – because it can’t be done.

Masks are designed for very specific purposes in surgery to prevent splashing of fluids in open wounds or when working in biohazard controlled environments. So for these reasons (a few of which I’m posting below as excerpts from an article from the Association of American Surgeons and Physicians) many of us who are serious students of the science and sociology behind the mask mandates feel compelled by our conscience that much more harm is being inflicted, causing more human suffering – and we don’t feel we can go along with it. It would violate a sacred part of our soul where love for our fellow humans needs to burn bright. There has been a psychological push to get people really focused on masks when in point of actual fact they are the most highly contentious and non-proven possible option for doing something to help, coupled with rampant risks. So it’s worth the time to rationally analyze it and think it through. I know we all have the same desire – how to do our part to help. So isolating people against one another for mask or no-mask has really sidelined the entire conversation unfortunately. 😕