Urge Congress to strike down D.C. minor consent law allowing 11 yrs olds to get vaccinated behind their parents’ backs


Urgent: Click to ask Congress to support SJRes. 7 and HJRes. 25 to strike down D.C. minor consent law allowing 11 year olds to get vaccinated behind their parents’ backs.

Send a pre-drafted, customizable email and tweet to your U.S. Senators and Representative. D.C. is our nation’s capital; if this dangerous bill is implemented there, we will see more like it threatening kids and families in all states.

Our Stand

  • One of the most egregious minor consent bills to ever surface in this country, B23-0171, became D.C. law on December 23, 2020. The measure, which received widespread opposition from advocates nationwide, makes it possible for 11 year olds to be vaccinated behind their parents’ backs. This dangerously misguided law includes provisions to ensure that parents never find out their child got vaccinated by requiring insurance companies, vaccine administrators and schools to conceal the vaccination(s) from parents. This effectively prevents parents from ever knowing their child’s complete medical history.
  • Medical and legal experts say the D.C. minor consent law is predatory, racist and destructive to children and families everywhere. That’s why we’re asking for your immediate help to overturn it! (Keep reading; helping is easy.)
  • Before the minor consent law goes into effect, it has to undergo a 30-day congressional review period per the District of Columbia Home Rule Act. The act makes it possible for Congress to overturn the law, although this has only been done successfully a handful of times in history. As such, we are urging all U.S. advocates to support a congressional resolution that’s been filed to strike down the D.C. minor consent law. If we don’t stop this bad law in our nation’s capital, it could easily become law in your state!
  • The D.C. minor consent law is a bad law. In addition to putting children in potential physical danger, it breaks multiple federal laws, instructs healthcare providers to engage in criminal misconduct by falsifying medical records, and targets disadvantaged inner-city minorities by paving the way for them to be “groomed” for medical interventions that their parents (and possibly even their own doctors) will never know about. Most of all, it erodes the parent-child relationship by interfering in a family’s personal matters and encouraging kids to keep secrets from their parents. This, experts say, lays the foundation for a relationship filled with fear, paranoia and mistrust. Allowing minor children to consent to vaccination is dangerous because children don’t have the emotional maturity or intellectual capacity to make important medical decisions. Additionally, by removing parents from their child’s healthcare decisions, it forces young pre-teens and teens to make complex choices without the advice or support of those who know and care for them best — their parents. 
  • The pharmaceutical industry and medical lobbying groups are hard at work redefining the parent-child relationship and influencing lawmakers and public officials to give ultimate healthcare decision-making authority to the state. However, there is no justification for the state to eliminate a parent’s legal and moral right to make an informed decision about vaccination on behalf of their minor child, especially when doctors and other vaccine providers have no liability or accountability for what happens to the child after vaccination.
  • The D.C. minor consent law needs to be overturned immediately! We are asking people from all over the country to take action NOW so that this predatory law in our nation’s capitol is abolished and won’t set precedent for other states to follow! Taking action is easy. Simply click below to send a pre-drafted (and customizable) email and tweet to your federal officials urging them to support the congressional resolution to strike down the D.C. minor consent bill! Remember: No one knows children like their parents do, and coming between families will have devastating, long-lasting effects — both physical and psychological.